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Psychologists LEAD – Using Psychology’s Strengths Grounded in Science

Psychologists LEAD--Let’s LEAD Together with psychologists as Leaders to Empower, Advocate and use psychology toward actions that make a Difference

  • Engaging all psychologists to have a voice and make APA your home

  • Educating ourselves about all bodies of knowledge, Unlearning privileged views that prevent us from going forward

  • Evolving APA and psychologists as change agents to impact society

Go to: for full statement

Jean Lau Chin for APA President – Ballots come out in September

  • Experienced Leader with breadth as: Practitioner-Consultant-Researcher-Academic Dean-Executive Director and leadership within APA governance (Council Leadership Team chair and past-president of 3 APA Divisions - Women, International and Ethnic Minorities)

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VIDEO: Using Psychology’s Strengths-Grounded in Science


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Dr. Jean Lau Chin - we remember