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Council of Representatives Statement – Nominate Jean Lau Chin for APA President

Let’s LEAD: with Leadership that Empowers all APA members, Advocates for social justice, science, practice, and education; and commits to Diversity to engage all groups and perspectives

I am running for APA president because I think I could make a difference. Having served in many governance roles—APA board of directors, CLT Chair, and president of 3 APA Divisions (women, ethnic minorities, and international), I’ve learned that we are at our best when we can work together, define our values, and draw from our strengths instead of our fears. My motto is Let’s LEAD with Leadership that Empowers, Advocates and commits to Diversity in engaging all groups and perspectives. APA can be a force in society and make a difference in improving people’s lives. As APA president, I want to engage and empower all members and council in co-creating solutions to the problems we face in psychology. We need to advocate for all groups, practitioners and scientists, early career, students and seasoned psychologists, and diverse groups. We need to use technology to better do our work, and communicate with one another more effectively. We need to look outward as global citizens to collaborate, change and create policies for the greater good while remaining true to our core values of inclusion, equity, ethics, and social justice. To do this, we must draw on our diverse knowledges in Science, Practice, Education, and Advocacy.

Last year as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Sydney, I recognized that knowledge is constructed through many different pathways. I took to heart that indigenous knowledge is simply another source, and not inferior to the prevailing norm. More importantly, we may need to unlearn what we think we know to be open to other bodies of knowledge. I want to bring what I’ve learned to APA for us to draw on the many sources of knowledge to arrive at more effective solutions.

My research on Global and Diverse Leadership links knowledge to action, and research to solutions. I want to lead APA in working together to create solutions for—our Practice to competently serve a diverse and global society, our Science to address real world problems and our Advocacy to improve people’s lives. With APA’s new Strategic Plan, Advocacy structure, and CEO, the time is now to address the pressing issues of violence, immigration, climate change, sexual assault, and health care. Yet, the constant barrage about “fake news” creates doubt among us. We have seen technology used for bad in intercepting our data to do us harm. Conflict and deep divisions have arisen that erode our trust. Americans are looking to change this reality. Having ourselves emerged from a tumultuous period, APA is now positioned to take a strong and meaningful role in such change. I bring my leadership experience from my research and prior roles as dean and executive director where I listened, worked to bridge differences of perspectives, and formed collaborations to achieve what we thought was not possible—capital campaign, new international clinical psychology program, federal guidelines for culturally competent care. We can do the same within APA. Our discussions about clinical guidelines, a new advocacy structure, the MA issue, and many other policy issues challenge us to grapple with complex perspectives. Too often, we spend our time building silos when we should be building bridges. We lead from our fears of what we might lose when we should be leading from our values and strengths in science, practice and advocacy. I ask you to join me and Let’s LEAD together to Develop a sustainable future that Advances psychology and improve people’s lives by Engaging all APA members in co-creating a pathway for psychologists as Leaders for Change and for Good.

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