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Contest: Images and Voices of Diverse Leadership

What does leadership mean to you? #This is what a leader looks like. Join the contest. Here's an example.

​COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: "If you can't let me live Aboriginal, Why preach democracy!" JENNY MUNROE, Aboriginal Elder and Community Leader, founded the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Sydney Australia which protested for 15 months against new development on The Block in Redfern--a neighborhood going through gentrification. The fight culminated with a deal brokered by the Federal Government to build new affordable housing for Indigenous families. A 10 story mural of her looms over one of Sydney's busiest intersections to celebrate her leadership.


Look at the picture and then read the powerful description below.

The first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack. If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack. In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed;

Then come 5 strong ones, the front line;

In the center are the rest of the pack members;

Then the 5 strongest following.

Last is alone, the Alpha. He controls everything from the rear. In that position he can see everything, decide the direction. He sees all of the pack. The pack moves according to the elders' pace and help each other, watch each other.


  • Send in an image or video accompanied by a short narrative of: How do you see leadership? What does leadership mean to you? to:

  • Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2018; only 1 submission/person

  • Images must be in .jpg format

  • Videos must be in MP4 format, and no more than 2 minutes

  • Narrative: 300 words or less; no profanity

  • ID: Include your Full name, credentials, affiliation, email address, street address

  • Contest is copyrighted, and is not valid in states that do not approve contests

  • A collage of images will be compiled to show the many images and voices of leadership

  • Prize: 3 top winners will be announced by July 15, 2018 and receive a copy of the book Diversity and Leadership (Chin & Trimble, 2014)

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