It is with a heavy heart that we relay the passing of Dr. Jean Lau Chin from complications related to COVID-19. Jean, a former Division 35 President and leader throughout APA, lost her valiant fight on May 13, 2020, and we share in the immense loss of an extraordinary leader, mentor, and friend to many of us. Sadly, Jean was preceded in death by Gene, her spouse, who also had COVID-related complications.  

We created this "in memory" page from Jean's candidacy domain because it was open to us, and it appeared fitting to interweave our messages with her website that speaks her legacy. May we continue to spread her legacy onward. Please join us in sending supportive thoughts and prayers for Jean’s family. 

With much love and fond memories,

Division 35 - Society for the Psychology of Women

Elected and Extended Executive Committee Members

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Jean will be remembered

as a woman who incorporated the multidimensional aspects of modern psychology. She incorporated feminist values, leadership, international perspectives, and a profound commitment to diversity as she served in different roles within professional psychology. She was a role model to many early career psychologists, a friend, and a colleague. I remember Jean as a woman who was not afraid of challenges. Our amusing challenge was during a mid-winter meeting of DIV 35 in Boston. She had planned a wonderful evening for the Executive Committee at a restaurant, but a blinding snow storm developed. Against the advice of many, she drove to get food and a Karaoke machine for music as we were stranded at her agency. I volunteered to go with her as the roads were so bad. I was afraid, but she was not. As family members you will hear many stories of Jean's strength and leadership. You will hear stories of love and admiration for your parents. They left a legacy of memories for you all.

Karen Wyche


Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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Dr. Jean Lau Chin - we remember