Freddy Paniagua, PhD

APA Fellow and Life Status Member

Professor Jean Lau Chin would make history in APA because she would be the first Asian woman APA president.  But she is running because she is highly qualified to be the next president of APA and not because she is an Asian woman.

Jean is an enormously experienced and tireless leader for the development of psychology through the advancement of psychological science, training, education, research and advocacy. As her colleague in NYSPA and through my involvement in APA, I have been so impressed with her commitment to strengthening our governance, promoting diversity, encouraging new leaders, fostering collaboration - not just through words - but on the frontlines working tirelessly to address challenges and promote vital change.  She is wise, thoughtful, inclusive, hard-working, a great listener and an effective champion.  We could not be in better hands and I urge you to put her name forward as a nominee.

Good day friends and colleagues. I am very pleased and indeed honoured to strongly support my friend and colleague, Jean Lau Chin, for APA President. She’s a very worthy, highly effective candidate who has considerable experience in the leadership field from serving in leadership roles in higher education and professional associations to writing books, book chapters, and articles about cultural diversity and leadership. As some of you know, Jean has a Fulbright Fellowship and is at the University of Sydney now conducting leadership research with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait lsland leaders. Her research will support and add to the studies we’re conducting among various leaders in North America and will be the basis for our forthcoming book Building Bridges to Inclusive Leadership Through the Lens of Cultural Narratives.

division endorsements

Craig Shealy, PhD

APA Fellow and Past President, Division of International Psychology

Executive Director, International Beliefs and Values Institute

I have worked closely with Dr. Jean Lau Chin for a number of years, in the context of leadership roles in APA's Division of International Psychology, and through her pioneering work on other cutting edge initiatives (e.g., the International Leadership Network, multicultural education and assessment).  I have seen who she is and how she works up close in a wide range of settings and contexts.  Based upon my experience, and her demonstrable record over several decades as an extraordinary leader, scholar, educator, and practitioner, Jean is the right president for APA for all the right reasons, especially at this point in our evolution as an association, discipline, and profession.  She is calm, fair, thoughtful, caring, inclusive, visionary, and strategic, with a deep and uncommon capacity to forge promising paths for psychology and psychologists across the spectrum of interests and aspirations, both locally and globally.    

Vivi Hua, PsyD

NYS Licensed Psychologist

I first met Dr. Chin when I was in graduate school. Dr. Chin has been a strong source of support for me in the past few years while I navigated my career in psychology as an Asian woman. She provided me with compassion and insightful guidance on several important occasions; of significant note was her advice on a major presentation. She helped me overcome my emotional reaction to microaggressions I had experienced and utilize a clinical lens to conceptualize my experiences to a large professional audience. With the larger psychology community, Dr. Chin has been passionate about supporting students and early career psychologists of minority backgrounds. Her dedication to helping psychologists develop competency in managing diversity issues is evident not only in her work in the academic and clinical settings but also in the public services she has provided on the state and national levels over the last several decades. I strongly urge you to support Dr. Jean Lau Chin in her pursuit of APA Presidentship.

Our esteemed Div35 leader and long-time member, Dr. Jean Lau Chin, is running for APA President Elect!  Jean is a feminist powerhouse and has helped paved the way for many professional leaders through her role in our division and on council.  Please submit your #1 nomination for Dr. Jean Lau Chin!

Dr. Jean Lau Chin - we remember